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2019: Why younger Nigerians should take over power – Charlyboy



Ace music star and activist, Charles Oputa, famously known as Charly Boy, has said younger folks will have choices to make in 2019 general elections.

Oputa, who prides himself as an Area Father of Pissed off Individuals in Nigeria during his sensitisation walk on the streets of Makurdi yesterday, urged younger folks to get up and make desired changes.

He said, “We want to know in 2019 that the youths have choices to make. In 2019, younger folks can get a Nigerian who can effectively lead the nation. Our campaign seeks to bring forth paradigm shift.

“Since independence, we have been plagued with false promises. We've had previous leaders saying that the future belongs to the youths however they (leaders) have occupied the space.

“I’m a baby of the early 50s, it's my generation and the generation before me that are responsible for this rot: creating an atmosphere not appropriate for younger folks to grow. I apologise on behalf of my generation. However the young folks should organise and take back their stolen future.”

He viewed the ‘Not Too Young to Run’ bill recently handed by the National Assembly (NASS) as suspicious and perhaps a ploy by NASS members to replace themselves with their family after their tenures.

“I don’t know whether the bill was made in favour of the status quo children and their buddies to proceed to do what they're doing.

“That is why we're encouraging younger folks to go register and become part of the process. That is why#mumudondo# movement is looking for political groups to stand behind and assist them,” he said.



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