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Single Ladies are allowed by God to Date Married Men, Says Singer, Mzbel



Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah, better known as Mzbel, is one of the most popular singers in Ghana. She has declared that God is not against women dating married men.

Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah, who has earlier said she does not believe in Jesus Christ and the Christianity is idol worship, made the declaration in an interview with Radio Univers'.

The singer said there is nothing faulty with dating a married man because her belief allows it.

The musician also denied claims that she was in an amorous relationship with prior president, John Dramani Mahama.

Nana Akua mentioned that she refers to the ex-president as 'daddy' and that tells they are not in a relationship.

She added that a lady can also be allowed to be with a married man on a condition that the woman is not a virgin.

She said, "My belief allows a person to marry as many as he wants so the women in Judaism accept the act. So long as he takes good care of you and does not give you problems, then you are good to be with him. Dating or marrying married men is just not an enormous deal."

"The woman can as well marry a married man, but it has to be just one individual in your life as opposed to someone who is allowed to marry even more than twenty women and be descent with them. If I am dating a married man, I will not be ashamed of it."

"I am not dating a married man, however, when I do, I will not be ashamed of it because God permits it. In the testament, Solomon and others had a lot of concubines. The only thing a married man cannot do is take another man's spouse."



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