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Teen Bullied For Her Dark Skin Becomes A Model


Khoudia Diop, also known as melaniin.goddess on Instagram, is taking the internet by storm. The 19-year-old, Senegalese model moved from Senegal to France when she was 15 and at 17 she started working as a model.


It was not always easy for Diop to love her complexion. Growing up she was bullied because of her skin tone. Fortunately, she learned not pay attention to negative people and focused on building her confidence and loving herself.

"If you're lucky enough to be different, don't ever change."

Diop just landed a major beauty campaign where she appears in a stunning new ad campaign for Make Up For Ever called #BlendInStandOut.


Diop has more than 460k followers on Instagram and is using her platform to inspire her followers. She shares inspirational words of wisdom to empower others.

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