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What I would do to Buhari if he was my father –Charly boy



Foremost Nigerian entertainer, Charles Oputa, better known as Charlyboy, has revealed that the “return or resign” protest will continue till President Muhammadu Buhari returns.

He additionally frowned at the police’s statement that he faked his collapse at a protest ground.

Charlyboy, whose protest has entered the sixth day, told Punch, “We plan to proceed the protest until the president returns to the nation.

“If the president was my father, I would carry him out of that office and get him correct treatment and rest.

“However we all know that his arms are tied personally. He's not actually the one running Nigeria; it's a cabal.

“I also stand by my words police officer hit me with his gun.

“The government is a lie and so is the police force . Everybody is lying and in deceit mode.

“If Nigerian folks believe their government and police, then so be it. I've told you what happened.”


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